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Tuesday, March 27, 2007 2:21 pm
And Don’t Get Me Started on James Patterson
Posted by: Keir Graff

If she thinks this review was mean, what does she think of this one?

And what purpose would it serve –¬†other than making Walter Mosley feel better about himself (and we’ve actually done quite a bit of that) — if we only wrote nice reviews?

From the Booklist Selection Policy:

Booklist operates under policies established by the Publishing Committee of the American Library Association. Its primary purpose is to provide a guide to current library materials in many formats appropriate for use in public libraries and school library media centers. The needs of small and medium-sized libraries receive special consideration in all selection decisions. All materials reviewed in the Adult Books, Books for Youth, and Media sections are recommended for purchase by libraries and media centers. This recommended-only policy, in place since Booklist‘s founding in 1905, has been adapted over the decades to reflect changes in the philosophy of public library service. Thus, materials are recommended for reasons relating to both quality and demand. That is, books and media found wanting in terms of quality may still be recommended if the reviewer anticipates strong demand from library patrons. All reviews reflect critical evaluation and include comments on weaknesses and limitations as necessary.



10 Responses to “And Don’t Get Me Started on James Patterson”
  1. Frank Sennett Says:

    I’m currently debating how far into the woodshed to take a certain insufferable “godfather of British noir,” who takes gratuitious potshots in one of his new book’s _multiple_ introductory essays at both Highsmith(!) and Westlake (!!) — as if he doesn’t realize being dubbed “godfather of British noir” carries about as much cachet as being annointed “king of Mexican pizza.” Too much?

  2. Frank Sennett Says:

    And here’s an idea — how’s about a samizdat issue of Booklist titled “Must Not Recommend”? Now that would be the buzz issue of the year.

    Kidding. Only kidding.

  3. Frank Sennett Says:

    And please excuse the misspellings of “gratuitous” and “anointed.” I nailed “samizdat,” though.

    Can you tell I got no sleep last night?

    Punchy, I tell ya. Punchy.

  4. Keir Says:

    Parenthood effects our lives in many ways; not least of which is gramar and speling.

    If you can get “king of Mexican pizza” past your editor, the tequila is on me.

  5. Frank Sennett Says:

    Sorry, I don’t do those body shots anymore…

  6. Keir Says:

    In Russia, vodka drinks YOU!

  7. Keir Says:

    I mean: In Russia, vodka drink YOU!


  8. Frank Sennett Says:

    Lenin wept.

  9. Frank Sennett Says:

    And McCartney signed with Starbucks.

  10. Keir Says:


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