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Friday, September 7, 2007 10:47 am
We don’t read, we don’t think–what next?
Posted by: Keir Graff

On book/daddy, Jerome Weeks takes authors Lisa Abrams and John Heath (Why We Read What We Read) to task for their observations about bestsellers. They say that Americans┬ádon’t like to think too deeply about what they read. Weeks says that Abrams and Heath┬ádidn’t think too deeply about Americans not thinking too deeply.

Whether one agrees with these points or not, whether they are accurate or not, all of them would seem to be pretty much standard-fare intellectual analysis/dismissal of mass-market books. A grad student who spent Christmas vacation working at a Borders could have arrived at the same conclusions.

Personally, I think he’s making a pretty standard-fare analysis/dismissal of a standard-fare analysis/dismissal.

(Am I being too cute here?)



One Response to “We don’t read, we don’t think–what next?”
  1. Lisa Adams Says:

    Yeah, you tell ‘em!

    Actually John and I were happy that Jerome cared enough to listen to our interview and then blog about it. Wow, reviews of interviews! We had no idea.

    We’re sorry Jerome got an unsavory impression of Why We Read What We Read from the Diane Rehm interview. But we really didn’t mean to sound obvious or dismissive (or grad student-ish) — there’s just only so much you can say when someone else is picking the questions and your book covers a dozen genres and 200 different bestsellers.

    Anyhow, thanks for sticking up for us, Keir! If you happen to take a peek at Why We Read What We Read, stop by our blog sometime at There we continue the discussion with reviews of books we didn’t get to cover in Why We Read What We Read.

    Happy reading!

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