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Saturday, August 9, 2008 11:22 am
Book Par-tay!
Posted by: Kaite

Today is National Book Lovers’ Day. The actual date is questionable. Most folks celebrate on August 9. A few others claim the first Saturday in November for the biblio-holiday.

How does one celebrate this inconspicuous day of import? Simple. Choose a book. Match with comfy seating. Pair with beverage of your choice. Commence to reading and enjoying.

Or you could throw a big blow-out reading party. Invite all your reader-friends over and tell them to BYOB (bring your own book). Games to play can include “Pin the Title on the Novel” (cover up the titles and make everyone guess just from looking at the cover) or “15 Minutes in the Reading Room” (undisturbed reading time) or “Spin the Book” (when the book stops, someone reads a passage) or “Musical Books” (stack books on the floor and make guests grab one when music stops).

I think the key component of the celebration is “enjoying”. With such a vague requirement that is certainly open to vast interpretations, celebrants are free to exercise all manner of reading choices: Novels, auto repair manuals, the Koran, atlases, true crime, romance, social commentary, comics. The only requirement I will enforce is the presence of a libation.

Like reading choices, the possibilities are endless. What’s yours, then?



One Response to “Book Par-tay!”
  1. Keir Says:

    Mine, I think, would simply be to read a book that I am not reviewing. Ideally a book from my list of 5,473 titles that I plan to read when I retire, but really, anything would do, even the Chilton’s manual for a ’71 Mach 1 Mustang. Or maybe even especially that.

    Sadly, even though I was on vacation during this arguable National Book Lovers’ Day, I was still reading for work.

    Although, on the other hand, the book I was reading–The Killer/Devil on Two Sticks, by Wade Miller–was a lot of fun. So maybe not celebrating National Book Lovers’ Day isn’t all bad….

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