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Tuesday, August 12, 2008 6:06 pm
Better Living Through Audio
Posted by: Kaite

Last year while Keir was away fighting forest fires in the wilds of Montana, I was battling a faulty compact disc player.

You may recall that I won the scuffle with the CD player when I introduced it to my hammer. But I lost the war. I bought an iPod that same day.

My fellow joggers are no longer treated to my scowling mug on the trail. There are no more blips, skips or hiccups in my exer-listening. Instead, I gasp, grin and laugh out loud. I especially laugh at Slam by Nick Hornby.

The more I listen to this brutally honest and funny teenager’s story of fatherhood and the philosophy of sk8ing,  the more I laugh. Other folks on the jogging trail give me funny looks which makes me speed up to get away from them.

I’m taking stock of how audiobooks have made improvements in my life. Once I demolished the CD player, I know my blood pressure went down and I got a good upper body workout in the process. Now that I listen to my books on an iPod, I’m walking farther and faster to get away from walkers who think I’m deranged for jogging while jovial.

Audiobooks—burning calories, protecting my social sanity, and improving my mind. A biblio-trifecta. Woot.



2 Responses to “Better Living Through Audio”
  1. Mary Burkey Says:

    I call the reaction of non-listeners to audiobookers who are displaying either
    A) Manical hysterical laughter
    B)Cathartic tears running down face
    the “loony lady look.” I’ve gathered my share while on the treadmill, walking the dog, or at a stoplight with the window down. Perhaps men get the “goofy guy look??”

    And for those serious about the audiobook/fitness connection… Read Belinda Webb’s January 1st article in the UK’s Guardian blog titled “The Audiobook Diet.”

  2. Keir Says:

    I’ve often wondered if I would get more exercise if I jogged while jovial. Now I know. I’ll have to try it.

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