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Friday, January 16, 2009 3:01 pm
Catalog Socials at the Chicago Underground Library
Posted by: Keir Graff

If you’re in or around Chicago, be advised that the Chicago Underground Library has, ahem, gone . . . overground (“Library of obcure Chicago literature opens,” by Robert K. Elder, Chicago Tribune):

Underground Library co-founder and director Nell Taylor describes some of the collection’s more esoteric items:

Poetry: Gwendolyn Brooks chapbooks ?

“It’s a group of about five or six chapbooks, small-run books, still very beautifully made and professional, but they have this quality to them that feels very handmade. Almost all are from the ’80s; one is poetry about Harold Washington. It’s a really great time capsule, because she wrote about things that were relative to Chicago and her community.”

While perusing the CUL’s Web site, I noticed their call for help with cataloging, collection development, and programming:

Cataloging and Library Advisory. We are currently developing our catalog system and need volunteers who are at least fluent in organization, if not in traditional library catalogs. Come find out what our patented “Catalog Socials” are! (Ice cream a definite possibility, square dancing not required.) We will constantly need help going through publications and determine things such as title, publisher, author, year, subject, contributors.

(Thanks, Annie!)

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