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Wednesday, May 6, 2009 9:29 am
We Read Everything
Posted by: Keir Graff

I’ve often written about what we do at Booklist and how we do it, about our recommend-only policy, the staggering volume of books we review, and the people we’re reviewing for–but, until now, I never had a visual aid.

Fortunately, Books for Youth Associate Editor Daniel Kraus, who in his spare time writes novels and makes documentary films, was able to play Cecil B. DeMille to my Charlie Kaufman, or Frederick Wiseman to my Zak Penn, or . . . well, really, we just worked from an outline. But it was fun to take a day off from reading to make a commercial about reading. Can you name any of these Booklisters?

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15 Responses to “We Read Everything”
  1. Dan Kaplan Says:

    Love it! Don’t recognize any of those guys, although I’ve seen them hanging around 50 E. Huron.

  2. Craig Ouellette Says:

    That was really funny! And I recognize one of them: Dan Kraus himself reading away!

  3. Valerie Says:

    ahhhhh!!!!! that looks like such an awesome job!! :)

  4. Keir Says:

    It does, doesn’t it? Of course, in reality, we’re too busy to read at work!

  5. Renee P. Lowery Says:

    I recognize camera ham Ben Segedin, one of the few staff whose face is not partially-to-totally obscured during filming. :-)

  6. Janice Jones Says:

    Video is Hilarious! I recognized Courtney coming off the elevator.

  7. Courtney Says:

    I love it! This is how I feel some days…lately just substitute missing the baby’s mouth while trying to feed him a bottle and putting diapers on backwards…it’s my life!

  8. Happy Children’s Book Week 2009 « Stiletto Storytime Says:

    [...] I am going to make an effort to make it happen!  The staff of Booklist also recently made a cute video about how much they read. I completely feel like this is my life somtimes just substitute in crying [...]

  9. Cindy Dobrez Says:

    I’m totally stealing this idea to do with my middle school students next year…although I hope to steer clear of the urinals, thank you very much. Great fun. Whenever someone hears I’m a librarian they think I get to read all day. Wish it were so!

  10. Katy Koskela Says:

    Passing this link along on Facebook…What a hoot! I have a junior at the high school where I am a librarian that would fit right in with this group. She carries an extra bag of books to school so that she always has something to read besides her school stuff. (She’s an A student also.)

  11. MarianLibrarian Says:

    Can’t. Stop. Watching. w00t.

  12. Marcie Says:

    Super job — wish I could read all day too. Librarians never get to read as much as we would like — just like you guys.

  13. Leslie Says:

    I love it!!!!!! You guys have time for a sense of humor, too!

  14. Michele P. Ellison Says:

    Everybody looks so funny. I guess that’s how we (readers) look to those in the world who are looking at television and playing video games.

  15. Michele P. Ellison Says:

    Thank God for all types of media and people. I love it!!!

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