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Thursday, May 21, 2009 11:39 am
So When Does the Bloodsucking Begin?
Posted by: Daniel Kraus

The always-worthy Jacket Whys brings to light a potentially ruinous jacket similarity. Just imagine the horrific scenario: Grandma and Grandpa are birthday shopping for young Kayleigh, they stumble into a Borders with a fuzzy mental picture of the book they’re supposed to buy, and they end up bringing home . . . inspiring words of wisdom from C. S. Lewis!

Twilight coverWords to Live By cover

Then again, Lewis’ book is about “prayer, love, faith, virtue, greed, lust, church, the Trinity, creeds, doctrine, hell, heaven, miracles, suffering, grief, story, and joy.” Might make a good Twilight supplement after all.

4 Responses to “So When Does the Bloodsucking Begin?”
  1. maggie Says:

    Too funny!

  2. Keir Says:

    With more and more publishers cutting costs and using clip-art, this scenario is only going to get more common. I can’t wait for a lawsuit from some parent claiming, “But I *thought* I was getting Junior a regular, wholesome vampire book!”

  3. Cindy Dobrez Says:

    This is great. I’ve seen a lot of teen fiction trying to “suck in” the Twilight fans, but this cover is sure to confuse someone. For readers who want to check out more cover similarities head to 100 Scope Notes and click on the “Controversy Report” category. There are lots of fun examples there.

  4. Cindy Dobrez Says:

    I forgot to leave the URL: 100 Scope Notes blog is at:

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