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Friday, October 2, 2009 9:17 am
Booklist Online Welcomes Book Links
Posted by: Keir Graff

Well, I didn’t get a Weeklings post written last week, and I may not get one written today. The reason? We’ve been testing improvements to Booklist Online–improvements that just went live last night. Here’s the scoop:

booklinks_welcome2Beginning with the October 1 issue, now in readers’ hands, our sister publication, Book Links, will be published as a supplement to Booklist. As Bill Ott, Editor and Publisher of Booklist, says: “We believe that combining our two magazines into one subscription will allow us to deliver more content to more school librarians, library media specialists, and youth librarians in public libraries and to do so in a more economical package—no small thing in these difficult times.”

What does this mean for Booklist Online users? Well, besides a smart new logo, you’ll notice some big changes, starting with a new landing page for Book Links, where Book Links content mingles with select Booklist and Booklist Online reviews that Books for Youth staff have deemed “Classroom Stars.” And our “Browse Current Print Issue” page has been relocated to the left-hand navigation bar of every Booklist Online page, bringing current feature articles front and (left of) center.

You’ll see more prominent placement for our newsletter and Webinar pages, too, as well as the discontinuation of our stand-alone Adult Books, Books for Youth, Media, and Reference landing pages. Our thinking behind that change is that, instead of being relegated to a less-trafficked area of the site, these vital components of Booklist Online should simply be rubbing shoulders on our increasingly dynamic home page—a transition we began in June, when we added the feeds from our five blogs to the right-hand column of the home page.

And what’s next? Well, we’ll change the fonts for enhanced readability, and we’ll be adding selected older Book Links articles to the database, too. But, mostly, we’ll be enjoying the possibilities that all the links between Booklist and Book Links have to offer. Enjoy, and please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on these changes.



2 Responses to “Booklist Online Welcomes Book Links”
  1. Mary Lou McClain Says:

    I’m so sorry that BookLinks will not be available, except as a supplement to BookList. I have been a faithful reader since its inception. Wish you would re-consider the decision.

  2. Bill Ott Says:

    Most Book Links subscribers have been happy to hear that the magazine will continue to be published four times a year and that, for the same price as a renewal to the stand-alone Book Links, Links subscribers are being offered a special introductory subscription to Booklist for the same price ($44.95). That means two magazines (24 issues total) for the former price of six issues to one magazine. Email for more information.

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