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Monday, June 21, 2010 2:34 pm
Join Us as We Explore…the Future of Book Reviewing!
Posted by: Keir Graff

ALA Annual Conference & ExhibitionIf you’re coming to the American Library Association’s 2010 Annual Conference in Washington, DC (and if you haven’t decided yet, you’d better hurry), please be sure to add the Booklist Online program, “Everyone’s a Critic: The Future of Book Reviewing” to your calendar. It will be held Saturday, June 26 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Washington Convention Center, Room 202A. Here’s the lowdown:

The top-down hierarchy of book reviewing has been changed forever by a generation of web users who rate, review, and comment while they navigate—and who can start their own book-review publication in minutes. Established cultural arbiters fear losing market share in the Wild West of the World Wide Web. But is old versus new an either/or proposition? Continuing the discussion begun in last year’s “Books and Blogs: Made for Each Other,” presenters will discuss the ways critical authority is earned, how old and new media can complement each other, and will share their most trusted sources of reviews. Join us for a lively exploration of the ways top-down and bottom-up can meet in the middle.

And here’s your illustrious panel:

Otis Chandler

Otis Chandler, Founder & CEO, Goodreads

Ron Charles

Ron Charles, Deputy Editor, Washington Post Book World

Jon Fine

Jon Fine, Director, Author and Publisher Relations,

Jennifer Hubert Swan

Jennifer Hubert Swan, Reading Rants & Middle School Librarian, Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School (New York, NY)

Keir Graff

Keir Graff, Senior Editor, Booklist Online (moderator)



5 Responses to “Join Us as We Explore…the Future of Book Reviewing!”
  1. Nicole Pasini Says:

    Any chance of this session becoming a webcast/podcast for people who won’t be at ALA? Thanks!

  2. Keir Graff Says:

    Hi Nicole–I have a fancy Radio Shack MP3 recorder with me and plan to record the proceedings. If it sounds good enough, I will definitely make it available on Booklist Online. Watch this space for details! Sorry you won’t be able to join us this afternoon.

  3. Susan Chandler Says:

    I also would like to hear it–hope the sound quality will work for this website!

  4. Book Blog - Likely Stories, by Keir Graff - Booklist Online » Blog Archive » The Future of Book Reviewing—Now Available on MP3 Says:

    [...] had a great time moderating “Everyone’s a Critic: The Future of Book Reviewing” at ALA’s annual conference in Washington, DC. I don’t need to issue a spoiler [...]

  5. Keir Graff Says:

    I just posted links to the audio, slides, and handout:

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