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Friday, September 23, 2011 4:24 pm
Getting Excited
Posted by: Ilene Cooper

I’ve always said it will be time to quit this job when I don’t feel at least a tingle as a new season’s books starting arriving. Spring 2012, a trickle of books  a few weeks ago, has turned into a steady stream, and everywhere I turn, there’s something new I can’t wait to read.

Meg Rosoff is back! The author of the stunning How I Live Now (2004) hasn’t been completely gone from the scene. (Wild boars, anyone?). She has also published several adult/crossover novels. But There is No Dog (Putnam) is clearly for her YA audience (God is actually a teenage boy. Named Bob). Happily, since this is one for the upcoming Spotlight on Religion issue, November 15th, I’ll be reading it this weekend.

Remember when Daniel Handler was Lemony Snicket?  Now, he’s Daniel Handler YA author teaming with New Yorker artist Maira Kalman for Why We Broke Up (Little Brown). Two outside-the-box creatives should make for something special.

It’s hard to resist Carl Hiaasen, and who wants to try? There’s only one thing that will keep me away from Chomp (Knopf). Apparently, Wahoo Cray, the main character, has a backyard crawling with gators and snakes. I’m not crazy about snakes. Nor do I much like gators. But the premise sounds like terrific fun, though. Whaoo’s dad is an animal wrangler on TV. The wild animals are fine to wrangle, but it’s the show’s star that everyone wants to strangle. Then, he goes missing . . .

As the t-shirt says, “So Many books, so little time!”

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