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Archive for September, 2011

Tue, September 13th, 2011
What Did He Mean by That?
Posted by: Brad Hooper

In the late John Updike’s marvelously intelligent last collection of critical pieces, Higher Gossip, which I am reviewing for Booklist and is to be published in November, the lead piece is entitled “The Writer in Winter.” It was published originally in AARP Magazine. As the title would suggest, the essay is about the conditions unique […]

Mon, September 12th, 2011
Runway Noir
Posted by: Bill Ott

One can only imagine what quintessential pulp writer Jim Thompson would have made of the news that fashion designer Hally McGehean will be debuting what she calls her “Hard Case Crime dress” during New York’s legendary Fashion Week. The dress is made out of 1,000 miniature reproductions of the cover art from Hard Case Crime’s […]

Fri, September 9th, 2011
Ripple Effects: 9/11
Posted by: Donna Seaman

The media is covering the tenth anniversary of 9/11 with feverish intensity, making the most of first-person accounts, newly released audiotape, and miles of video footage. These stories rekindle the visceral horror and abiding grief of the attacks, but provide only fleeting opportunities for reflection. Books are designed for deeper immersion and quiet thinking. In […]

Thu, September 8th, 2011
Book Trailer Thursday: The Name of the Star
Posted by: Annie Bostrom

Show me a Likely Stories reader who doesn’t have 30 seconds to spare for a bit of Thursday morning spookiness, and I’ll show you a liar. Dan Kraus calls The Name of the Star, the first in the new Shades of London series, “a cut above most paranormal titles.” Until the end of the month, you’ll […]

Tue, September 6th, 2011
He Did Nothing Wrong
Posted by: Brad Hooper

In July, my colleague Donna Seaman and I participated in ALA’s virtual conference. We were the lunchtime “entertainment.” We interviewed an author apiece, and we were each able to chose an author for whom we have great admiration; and “my” author was the distinguished historian David McCullough, author of, most recently, The Greater Journey, a […]

Tue, September 6th, 2011
Booker Prize 2011 shortlist announced
Posted by: Sarah Hunter

For those of you interested in the competitive side of the literary world, The Man Booker Prize short list for 2011 was announced today. Check out what Booklist reviewers think of some of the finalists below. If your favorite is selected on October 18th, you win a prize*! The Sense of an Ending By Julian […]

Thu, September 1st, 2011
2011 Ruth Lilly Fellowship Winners Announced
Posted by: Sarah Hunter

The 2011 Ruth Lilly Fellowship winners have been announced by the Poetry Foundation and Poetry Magazine. These five winners were selected from thousands to receive not only the honor of winning, but a grant to continue studying and writing poetry. All of the winners will be featured in the November issue of Poetry. These poets […]

Thu, September 1st, 2011
Yankee Stadium in Black-and-White
Posted by: Keir Graff

The September 1 issue of Booklist, featuring our annual Spotlight on Sports, is in the mail. And while on the North Side of Chicago another baseball season circles the drain (the South Siders are at least within shouting distance of the pennant), we find ourselves wistfully watching other teams that actually have winning traditions. Certainly, come the postseason, we […]

Thu, September 1st, 2011
Book Trailer Thursday: Halo
Posted by: Annie Bostrom

In the September, 2011 issue of Book Links, middle school English teacher and “Dean’s List” columnist Dean Schneider rounds up his students’ (some more reluctant readers than others), favorites from 2010. A frontrunner? Halo, by Alexandra Adornetto, who could count her age on fingers and toes (with a few left over!) at the time of […]

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