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Archive for May, 2012

Thu, May 31st, 2012
Booklist Youth Forum 2012
Posted by: Daniel Kraus

By tradition, Friday nights at ALA Annual Conference belong to the Booklist Youth Forum. We are especially excited to announce our 2012 panelists, a who’s who of popular authors outspoken on this year’s topic: “Guy Writers Talk Guy Readers.” Michael Grant, author of the bestselling Gone series and the new novel BZRK. Jon Scieszka, former […]

Thu, May 31st, 2012
Book Trailer Thursday: The 500
Posted by: Annie Bostrom

Book Trailer Thursday’s Month of Mystery comes to a close with Matthew Quirk’s debut thriller The 500–read the Booklist high-demand, starred review here. 20th Century Fox bought the book’s screen rights over a year ago, which presumably upped the ante for this trailer replete with cash, cocaine, disembodied bare legs, and foreboding flames. Since I […]

Wed, May 30th, 2012
In Memory: Leo Dillon and Ellen Levine
Posted by: Gillian Engberg

This week marks the deaths of two multiple-award-winning children’s book creators:  Leo Dillon and Ellen Levine . In this online space, we invite you to share your personal stories about Dillon and Levine and the impact that their books have made on you, on the young people in your lives, and on the field of […]

Tue, May 29th, 2012
Jennifer Egan’s “Black Box,” Tweet by Tweet
Posted by: Donna Seaman

I’ve been a Jennifer Egan fan since her first book, The Invisible Circus, came out in 1995, so I was thrilled at the triumph of her most recent novel, A Visit from the Goon Squad. It was Booklist‘s 2011 Top of the List, and went on to win the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award. Rumor has […]

Tue, May 29th, 2012
Hostile Questions: Ally Carter
Posted by: Daniel Kraus

Beware Ally Carter. She’s got sticky fingers, if you know what I mean. You might be, say, conducting a perfectly innocent interview in which you are throwing extremely aggressive questions in her general direction and suddenly–hey, didn’t I have a priceless Rembrandt on my office wall? Well, what did I expect from the bestselling author […]

Fri, May 25th, 2012
Is James Patterson Killing Book Reviews?
Posted by: Keir Graff

At Booklist, we take our work seriously . . . but not too seriously. In the tradition of “Reading Is My Business,” “The Read,” and “A Novel Idea,” I would like to present a groundbreaking thriller: “James Patterson’s Books: A Novel Not by James Patterson.” An author who writes books faster than readers can read them—it must […]

Thu, May 24th, 2012
Crime Factory: If You Don’t Know Them, It’s a Crime
Posted by: Keir Graff

Crime Factory started production in the year 2000, in Melbourne, Australia, as a print-only magazine focused on hardboiled and noir fiction. In 2003, after nine issues, the Factory went dark until 2010, when original contributor Cameron Ashley and several henchmen restarted the ‘zine as a PDF publication. Offering fiction, features, interviews, and reviews in a variety of formats—including e-reader and […]

Thu, May 24th, 2012
Book Trailer Thursday: A NYC Daily Double
Posted by: Annie Bostrom

This week’s MM BTT celebrates the city so nice they named it twice by featuring TWO New York City mystery book trailers, one taking place in Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn. That’s right–two out of five boroughs represented! While a 40% might not be a passing grade anywhere else, when you consider that this […]

Wed, May 23rd, 2012
Thrilling Detective: If You Don’t Know Them, It’s a Crime
Posted by: Keir Graff

I’ve never met Kevin Burton Smith but, after exchanging a few emails with the editor of Thrilling Detective, I really hope I get to have a beer with him someday. It wasn’t just his assurance that his web magazine is “100% gluten-free”—nor was it his savvy remark that “librarians are extremely good-looking.” (When I explained that the […]

Tue, May 22nd, 2012
Bill Crider and His Popular Culture Magazine: If You Don’t Know Him, It’s a Crime
Posted by: Keir Graff

Bill Crider is one of those guys who glues the mystery world together. He’s an author (see The Wild Hog Murders, 2011) and he’s also a fan who helps get the word out about other writers’ books. (Actually, although Bill is one of the best-known examples, you’d be surprised at how many generous authors there […]

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