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Archive for December, 2012

Thu, December 20th, 2012
Book Trailer Thursday: Making Peg Dolls
Posted by: Annie Bostrom

Need a little inspiration for last-minute gifts? (Or, if you’re me, first-minute ones.) Check out this trailer for Margaret Bloom’s craft book Making Peg Dolls, and whistle while you work. I’m curious as to why the knight isn’t either running from the dragon faster or perhaps attacking him, but attempting to explain the many adorable […]

Tue, December 18th, 2012
The Craig Johnson Collection
Posted by: Keir Graff

With a title like “The Craig Johnson Collection,” you might think I’m referring to a catalog of Western wear that includes distressed Wranglers, sweat-stained Stetsons, and cowpie-crusted Tony Lama boots. But I’m referring to Christmas in Absaroka County, Penguin’s special e-collection of short stories by the Wyoming author who’s become a fan favorite for his Walt Longmire mysteries. I’m proud to […]

Mon, December 17th, 2012
Hostile Questions: James Greer
Posted by: Daniel Kraus

James Greer has led a life ripe for the hostile questioning. He’s a former editor of Spin magazine. (Magazines? Ha! Look how those turned out!) He’s the screenwriter behind several films, including Max Keeble’s Big Move and Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector. (The jokes write themselves!) He’s the author of several books, including the […]

Thu, December 13th, 2012
Book Trailer Thursday: Janie Face to Face
Posted by: Annie Bostrom

Twenty-two years, five books, and a Lifetime movie later, Janie is still studying that milk carton in today’s book trailer for Janie Face to Face: It doesn’t say or show much and is as slick as we’ve come to expect from a big publisher-produced trailer, but it will interest series fans and maybe pull in […]

Tue, December 11th, 2012
Booklist Seeks Interns for 2013
Posted by: Keir Graff

Update: Our spring and summer internships have been filled. If you are interested in applying for fall 2013, please contact us in May.  Interested in a Booklist internship? Get me your resume, stat! (If you’ve previously submitted and are still interested, let me know.) Gain valuable publishing experience by becoming an intern for Booklist Publications in Chicago. […]

Mon, December 10th, 2012
Hostile Questions: Adam Selzer
Posted by: Daniel Kraus

Adam Selzer: Do you know that name? Well, you might. He has published over 10 books since 2007 and maintains blogs on everything from Chicago history to naughty playground songs to retro YA. In short, he’s the type of unstoppable word-producing machine who scares writers-block-plagued let-me-try-this-sentence-one-more-time hunt-and-peckers straight out of the room. But none of […]

Thu, December 6th, 2012
Book Trailer Thursday: An Extraordinary Theory of Objects
Posted by: Annie Bostrom

Journalist/author Stephanie LaCava’s memoir, trailered by the guys who made (read stumbled onto) the documentary Catfish: This “curious little book” needed and benefits from a special trailer, I think. As special as LaCava herself appearing wrapped in a snake by candlelight? That’s up to you to answer. Equally or more fun to watch without sound.

Thu, December 6th, 2012
The 2013 William C. Morris Award finalists are announced!
Posted by: Gillian Engberg

Just in time to make it onto your holiday reading list, here are the 2013 finalists for the William C. Morris Award, which honors a book written for young adults by a previously unpublished author: Wonder Show, by Hannah Barnaby, published by Houghton Mifflin, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Love and Other Perishable Items, […]

Wed, December 5th, 2012
Me and Oprah
Posted by: Donna Seaman

  It’s funny how, when you spend your life immersed in books, unbidden thoughts of a book can presage an event. We’ve been focusing here at Booklist on the best books of 2012 for our Editors Choice list, but a 2013 title kept popping up in my mind. This morning it surfaced again, and I found […]

Tue, December 4th, 2012
Self-Help Books and Me
Posted by: Keir Graff

Booklist‘s December 1 Spotlight on Science and Health, now live on Booklist Online, has me thinking about self-help books. After all, many self-help books offer, or purport to offer, the science of health—tools for assessment that, if acted upon, can improve the reader’s physical or mental well-being. We don’t review a lot of self-help books […]

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