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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 10:36 am
The Mystery of the Missing Editor – Case Closed!
Posted by: Keir Graff

Mystery MonthMy absence last week was no mystery: I was moving, into an apartment that reminds me of Nick and Nora Charles’ in The Thin Man. I say this because it’s a spacious pre-war place, not (as a wisecracking reader suggested) because its bar is so fully stocked. (Mrs. Graff and I do enjoy a cocktail, but we have yet to wake in the night and fix ourselves martinis, as did the screen versions of this dashing couple.)

What did I miss while I was away? A lot!

The Book Group Buzz bloggers have been on fire. Kaite Stover used recent news about the famous Gardner Museum heist to anchor a post called, ”Discussable Duets: The Artistry Behind the Mystery.” Misha Stone made a case for Nick Dybek’s debut as a mystery in ”Debut with a Twist: Nick Dybek’s When Captain Flint Was Still a Good Man” and Neil Hollands takes a look at a crime novel set in an underused locale, Salt Lake City, in “Back to the City of Saints.” Finally, Kaite offers book groups a sharp-edged device for their toolbox with “The American Detective.”

Over at Bookends, Lynn celebrated the hard fact that “Mystery Fans Love Sequels.” And, just yesterday, Cindy found a crafty new angle for Mystery Month in “Sneaky Art by Marthe Jocelyn.” On Shelf Renewal, Karen used Baz Luhrmann’s latest glitter-bomb to round up books that evoke “Gatsby, Gumshoes, and the Golden Age.” And, naturally, she’s in love again—see “Web Crush of the Week: MysteryNet.”

On Likely Stories, David Pitt asked you to weigh in on “Science Fiction Mysteries” and Annie Bostrom shared a Harlan Coben teaser on “Book Trailer Thursday: Six Years.” And, finally, on Booklist Online, we shared more fun and informative lists:

There Are No Higher Stakes: 11 Ecothrillers That Are Anything but Recycled

And Then There Were 2: Which of These 4 Cozy Queens Are Still Worth Reading?

My Raygun Is Quick: 8 of the Best SF Mysteries

Sniffing Out Clues: 12 Children’s Mysteries Solved by Animal Detectives

No Clue Where to Shelve These: 6 Women’s Fiction Novels That Think They’re Mysteries

All this in ONE WEEK? Well, I may have cheated by a day or two, but still . . . if you want to know where the loot is, look no further.



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