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Mon, May 6th, 2013
Mystery Month: Spoofs
Posted by: David Pitt

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Burt Bacharach.” When Austin Powers (Mike Myers) looks directly at the audience and introduces the famed composer in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, you know this isn’t your typical mystery spoof. As silly as it is, it’s also sly and daring: as much as it’s done on television these days, you […]

Thu, May 2nd, 2013
Would You Like a Cupcake with That Red Herring?
Posted by: Gillian Engberg

In honor of Mystery Month, which we’ll be celebrating throughout May here at Booklist Online, I’ve put together a list of middle-grade mysteries with food themes. In the introduction, I mention Harriet the Spy’s tomato sandwiches, and apparently, I’m not the only one who’s tried to recreate Harriet’s iconic snack. Have your own favorite food moment […]

Thu, May 2nd, 2013
Book Trailer Thursday: A Delicate Truth
Posted by: Annie Bostrom

It’s Mystery Month at Booklist, and Book Trailer Thursday is cashing in on the action. Setting the bar high for production value AND bleakness, here’s the short-film trailer for John le Carré’s A Delicate Truth. Check back all month for more!

Wed, May 1st, 2013
Let Mystery Month Begin!
Posted by: Keir Graff

Let’s say you’re on the lam and hiding in a root cellar in rural Mississippi, hardly daring to breathe, afraid to so much as peep outside during the daylight hours lest the law-abiding homeowner spot your unshaven mug and drop a dime to the local sheriff—that’s a perfectly good excuse for not knowing about Booklist‘s […]

Tue, February 26th, 2013
Reading the Screen: Hannibal trailer
Posted by: David Pitt

Months and months ago I talked about the forthcoming NBC series, Hannibal, based on the characters created by Thomas Harris. The series takes place before the events in Red Dragon, the first of the novels featuring Hannibal Lecter, and the only one featuring Will Graham, the FBI profiler who’s the star of the NBC series. […]

Tue, December 18th, 2012
The Craig Johnson Collection
Posted by: Keir Graff

With a title like “The Craig Johnson Collection,” you might think I’m referring to a catalog of Western wear that includes distressed Wranglers, sweat-stained Stetsons, and cowpie-crusted Tony Lama boots. But I’m referring to Christmas in Absaroka County, Penguin’s special e-collection of short stories by the Wyoming author who’s become a fan favorite for his Walt Longmire mysteries. I’m proud to […]

Wed, November 28th, 2012
Reading the Screen: Jack Reacher: Good Title or Bad?
Posted by: David Pitt

I haven’t seen the movie yet, of course, but here’s my thinking on the title-change from One Shot to Jack Reacher: It’s a bad idea. Here’s why. One Shot, Lee Child’s title for the 2005 novel, is a great title for a thriller; that, plus Tom Cruise, plus some good ads, should be enough to lure people […]

Fri, September 28th, 2012
What makes YA fiction so popular?
Posted by: Keir Graff

Next week, I’ll be making my annual trip to Bouchercon, a fan-favorite mystery convention, where I’ll be moderating “The Popularity of YA Books” with Joelle Charbonneau, Jordan Dane, Michelle Gagnon, and Bev Irwin. It’s no secret that YA is hotter than ever, and it’s not just for kids anymore—if indeed it ever was. But I definitely […]

Thu, August 30th, 2012
Book Trailer Thursday: The Other Woman
Posted by: Annie Bostrom

Today’s trailer is for The Other Woman, a starred review from our freshly minted September 1st issue. Combining author brain-picking and footage of the thriller’s actual Boston locales, this trailer is a great vehicle for TV journalist and author Ryan’s latest. The 48 Hours-style soundtrack makes you almost worry that Hank herself could get trounced […]

Wed, August 22nd, 2012
Reading the Screen: Tony Scott
Posted by: David Pitt

I don’t know what his reason was, but I’m sure there was one. Film director Tony Scott took his own life recently, and the news came as quite a shock to pretty much all of us. Scott directed a lot of popular films (Top Gun, Crimson Tide, Days of Thunder) and some very good ones […]

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