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Tue, March 12th, 2013
Reading the Screen: The Informant!
Posted by: David Pitt

Here’s why Steven Soderbergh is a genius. Kurt Eichenwald’s The Informant (2000) is a wonderful book, a business book the way they’re meant to be written, with an exciting story (whistleblower exposes price-fixing in major industry), compelling characters, and a seriously out-of-left-field plot twist (whistleblower turns out to be a liar with an, um, especially […]

Tue, February 26th, 2013
Reading the Screen: Hannibal trailer
Posted by: David Pitt

Months and months ago I talked about the forthcoming NBC series, Hannibal, based on the characters created by Thomas Harris. The series takes place before the events in Red Dragon, the first of the novels featuring Hannibal Lecter, and the only one featuring Will Graham, the FBI profiler who’s the star of the NBC series. […]

Fri, January 18th, 2013
Reading the Screen: 2013 Oscar Nominations
Posted by: David Pitt

I don’t know if this means anything, but five of this year’s nine Best Picture nominees for the Academy Award are based on books. They are: Silver Linings Playbook, based on Matthew Quick’s 2008 novel of the same name. Argo, based on Antonio Mendez’s 1999 memoir The Master of Disguise (written with Malcolm McConnell). Mendez is […]

Wed, November 28th, 2012
Reading the Screen: Jack Reacher: Good Title or Bad?
Posted by: David Pitt

I haven’t seen the movie yet, of course, but here’s my thinking on the title-change from One Shot to Jack Reacher: It’s a bad idea. Here’s why. One Shot, Lee Child’s title for the 2005 novel, is a great title for a thriller; that, plus Tom Cruise, plus some good ads, should be enough to lure people […]

Tue, November 27th, 2012
“Lincoln”: Lessons for Historical Fiction
Posted by: Brad Hooper

As an abiding student of history, I hold our sixteenth president in the highest regard. Lincoln is my greatest hero because I am a son of Lincoln Land, born in Vandalia, the second capital of Illinois,  where he served in the state legislature, and raised in Mattoon, only a few miles from the farm wrested by […]

Thu, November 1st, 2012
31 Horror Films in 31 Days 2012: The Bloodcurdling Conclusion
Posted by: Daniel Kraus

The fourth annual 31 Horror Films 31 Days Challenge is accomplished. And for the third year straight (let us never speak of 2009!) I claim victory. I prepared a full statement last night. And I quote: Bwa-ahaha-aha-hhah-ahahahaaha-a-ha-a-hahaha-hahh-ah-ahahahaah-ahah-haa-hah-ahahah-hahah-hahhha-a-ah-aaa-ha-ha-ah-aa-ha-haha-ha-ha-haha-a-aha-ha-ah-a-ha-hah-ah-a-aa-hahahaha-aha-ahah-h-ah-a-ha-haa-ah-a-ha-h–ha-hahhahahah-ah-ah-h-a-a-a-ha–a-h-ah-a-h-ah-a-a-h-ahhahahaha-ha-a-ha-h-ahaahhaa-h-a-ha-ha!!!!!!! End quote. This “victory” I speak of was not a comfortable one. I clawed through my 31st film […]

Wed, October 31st, 2012
Q & A: David Moody
Posted by: David Pitt

David Moody, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, is the author of the Hater and Autumn series of post-apocalyptic novels. He’s also written a standalone novel, Trust, which features a group of aliens stranded on Earth. While very different in many ways, his books share a common theme: ordinary people tossed into […]

Thu, September 27th, 2012
The 31 Horror Films in 31 Days Challenge: 2012
Posted by: Daniel Kraus

You thought you killed it in 2010. You saw it buried beneath eight feet of rotten earth in 2011. But… good lord… what’s that coming out of the fog? Just like that demon-dog who whizzed on Freddy Krueger’s grave, thereby resurrecting him, the 31 Horror Films in 31 Days Challenge rises again. A FETID FAQ: […]

Tue, September 4th, 2012
Hostile Questions: Roger Ebert
Posted by: Daniel Kraus

Who would have the cojones to publicly antagonize Pulitzer Prize-winning film reviewer, essayist, screenwriter, and memoir-ist Roger Ebert? Well, let me tell you a story. In a former life, I, too, was a film reviewer (I guess my Pulitzer got lost in the mail?) and on my first day at the screening room I accidentally […]

Wed, August 22nd, 2012
Reading the Screen: Tony Scott
Posted by: David Pitt

I don’t know what his reason was, but I’m sure there was one. Film director Tony Scott took his own life recently, and the news came as quite a shock to pretty much all of us. Scott directed a lot of popular films (Top Gun, Crimson Tide, Days of Thunder) and some very good ones […]

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