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Wed, February 29th, 2012
Reading the Screen: The Adjustment Bureau
Posted by: David Pitt

Have you seen The Adjustment Bureau, the recent movie based on Philip K. Dick’s 1954 short story “Adjustment Team”? It’s a good movie, with a mind-bending premise and a rather touching love story, but oh boy is it different from its source material. In the movie, a politician (Matt Damon) stumbles onto a secret organization […]

Sun, December 25th, 2011
Reading the Screen: A Christmas Carol
Posted by: David Pitt

I finally watched 2009′s A Christmas Carol, written and directed by Robert Zemeckis, with Jim Carrey as a motion-captured Scrooge. I was seriously impressed. Despite what some critics have said, I think the film’s visual style perfectly suits the material. Charles Dickens’ 1843 story is a fantasy about ghosts, time travel, and Christmas. It can […]

Mon, December 12th, 2011
Reading the Screen: Fatherland
Posted by: David Pitt

A while back I briefly mentioned Fatherland, the 1994 television movie based on Robert Harris’s 1992 thriller about a German police detective investigating a homicide (and uncovering a high-level conspiracy). I recently watched the movie again, and I’d forgotten just how gripping it is. The novel is set in 1964. Preparations for the celebration of […]

Thu, November 17th, 2011
Book Trailer Thursday: Guest Post: The Hunger Games
Posted by: Courtney Jones

So, I’ve been away for a while. Now that Sarah Hunter is doing a fine job taking over the awards beat, I’ve had a little more time to nurse my growing Hunger Games addiction. Annie Bostrom has been kind enough to let me share my rabid anticipation of the film and fill in for this […]

Mon, November 7th, 2011
Reading the Screen: Cowboys & Aliens (Screen to Book)
Posted by: David Pitt

After there was Cowboys & Aliens the movie — well, not after: at roughly the same time — there was Cowboys & Aliens the novel, published by Tor and written by Joan D. Vinge. Novelizations, books written from screenplays, can be pretty awful (I have a few things to say about them over here), but this […]

Wed, August 31st, 2011
Keir’s Reading Resolution: The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins
Posted by: Keir Graff

In a few hours, I’ll be out the door and on my way to a four-month sabbatical leave. Before I go, I’m pleased to report that I managed to knock off another title from my New Year’s resolution reading list. As Likely Stories and REaD ALERT readers know, earlier this year I decided to get […]

Tue, August 16th, 2011
Reading the Screen: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Posted by: David Pitt

It’s come to my attention that David Fincher, director of such excellent films as The Social Network, Zodiac, and Se7en, is going to be making a movie out of Jules Verne’s 1870 novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This won’t be the first movie, of course. In fact it won’t be the fifth. There  have […]

Tue, August 2nd, 2011
Reading the Screen: Bag of Bones
Posted by: David Pitt

According to this article at the Hollywood Reporter’s website, A&E is going to air a four-part miniseries based on Stephen King’s 1998 novel Bag of Bones, to be directed by King veteran Mick Garris (The Stand, Desperation, Riding the Bullet, the quite bad television version of The Shining). Pierce Brosnan, my third favorite James Bond, […]

Tue, June 28th, 2011
2011 Locus Award Winners
Posted by: Courtney Jones

The 2011 Locus award winners have been announced: Science Fiction Novel Blackout/All Clear, by Connie Willis Fantasy Novel Kraken, by China Miéville First Novel The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, by N.K. Jemisin Young Adult Novel Ship Breaker, by Paolo Bacigalupi Novella The Lifecycle of Software Objects, by Ted Chiang Anthology Warriors, edited by George R.R. Martin […]

Thu, June 9th, 2011
Reading the Screen: A Carrie Remake?
Posted by: David Pitt

You might have read that Carrie, Brian De Palma’s excellent 1976 movie based on Stephen King’s first novel, is being remade…or rebooted…resomethinged, anyway. (See this Hollywood Reporter story, for example.) Do we need it? Sure, De Palma’s movie isn’t exactly 100% faithful to the book, but it’s chilling and memorable. It also has the best […]

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